Woodland Adventures

Your Adventure Starts Here!

Woodland Archery (60/90mins)

No ordinary wood, No ordinary targets. Dinosaurs, Dragons, the Undead, even a wee wild Haggis in the Highland Glen. We teach you Field Archery skills in the most safe, but incredibly fun way possible!  Suitable for all levels of adult archer. 

60 mins: Minimum age 9yrs. Minimum 2 pers.  90 mins: Minimum age 9yrs, but must be min. 4 pers. participating. If 12yrs+ then a min. of 2 persons can participate.   Book Now

Price per person: Child £18 / £22  Adult £20 / £25

Axe Throwing (30/60mins)

Our outdoor, Viking themed Axe Throwing zone is a fun way to have a go at this challenging sport.  Either as a Standalone session, or added on to Woodland Archery, Axe Throwing is a great way to spend some time in the woods.

Minimum age 12yrs. Minimum 2 pers. See FAQ for further information. Or Book Now

Price per person: £15/£20

Bow & Axe Combi (90 - 120mins)

Especially for those seeking a little more Adventure, and not afraid to Try Something Different. Woodland Archery and Axe Throwing rolled up in one neat package!

Minimum age 12yrs. Minimum 2 pers. See FAQ for further information. Or Book Now

Price per person: £25-£32

Combat Archery 

A minimum of 8 participants aged 12yrs and over. Calling all those thrill seekers and wild-side walkers... Get the adrenaline pumping with the next level of dodgeball! Only this time with a bow, and specially designed safety arrows! This game is about Team Work and survival!  Who has got your back, and can you really trust them...  

60/90 mins: £18/£20 per person 

Bowhunter Experience

Popular Party Choice! Experience the best of Bowhunter Archery, and Maximise your Woodland Adventure. You CAN have it all!  Bows, Axes and Combat Archery! Age 12yrs+, Minimum 8 pers.  Undercover Picnic Area ideal for buffet/picnic lunches. For further details get in touch using the Booking Form.

2hrs £30 per person. 3hrs £40 per person.


Celebrations, Teambuilding, Ice Breaking, or Chilling Out - whatever your reason we can help you plan a great session for your Team, Squad, Stags, Hens, Friends, Staff, Family. Your People.  Get in touch today using the Booking Form, and see what we can offer!  Outdoor Meeting Area with undercover picnic tables is included. Sessions can be tailored from 90 minutes through to 3hrs. 

Prices from £25.

 Mobile Events Team

Are you planning a Special Event? Maybe a Wedding or Family Gathering?  We have a specially trained team that can bring Archery, or Axe Throwing, to your Venue!  We will travel a maximum of 3hrs journey time from the Bowhunter Woods, and the price is dependant on travel time. Please get in touch using the Booking Form for further information.

Young woman getting ready to nock an arrow on her bow, focusing on target

Special Edition Sessions

Refocus, Recharge, Renew, You.

Special Chill Out Group Session. We teach you the technique then we walk Woodland pathways to a calming space. Shooting at paper Field Archery targets, no 3D targets. Quietly supported throughout. Limited Group Size so Booking Essential. This is open to solo visitors, or bring a friend or family member too.  Age 14+. 1,5hrs. £25 per person. Complete beginners welcome. 

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Andy MacKinnon, Owner of Bowhunter Archery