Adventures Shouldn't Cost the Earth!

Green Tourism and our Sustainable Small Business

We nurture our nature, and as such we are continually working towards net zero.  Everything we do should have a positive impact, or at the very least, no impact whatsoever. Our woods are full of wildlife; red squirrel, deer, badger, fox, pine marten, stout, burrowing bees and the occasional lizard and frog... not to mention the diverse insect life, funghi and flora. Without this we wouldn't be Woodland Archery.  We continually strive to maintain the rich diversity, protect our woodland and our planet.

We are off grid, we do not have mains water either. We have toilet units that are emptied regularly, and foot operated hand washing stations throughout the woods. Any chemicals/cleaning products used are biodegradable and have to be non toxic to our woods and critters.

If you are playing Combat Archery we offer water, this will be in reusable bamboo cups. You are welcome to bring your own small, reusable water bottle or cup. Should you have any rubbish, like left over food etc. we expect you to take it away with you, and dispose of it in the proper way. 

Our equipment is maintained and reused. If a recycled product, or recyclable product, becomes available we purchase this on the next occasion. Archery is still a long way behind with offering greener solutions, and the nearest archery outlet is in England. So we offset this carbon footprint by supporting the re-wilding of the Highland's forests and woodlands, via  

Adventures shouldn't cost the Earth.