If it isn't answered here, then get in touch. We will be happy to help!

What is your minimum age?

  • Bushcraft is 8yrs. Though we do run special edition sessions which are for age 7yrs.

  • Woodland Archery is 8yrs.

  • Axe Throwing is 12yrs. 

  • Combat Archery is 12yrs.

We strongly advise that children under the age of 12 are not booked in for more than 60mins unless part of a bigger group of at least 4 persons. This is to prevent injuries to developing muscles/tendons.

Younger children are welcome to spectate and be our safety marshals throughout.  The pathways are uneven, however buggies and pushchairs can easily get around.

What are the minimum/maximum numbers?

  • If you have a very large group (over 30) then we can possibly help you. It will require planning and turn taking, however it is manageable as long as the length of session is realistic. 

  • 60 mins Archery or 30 mins Axe Throwing, we welcome single adult participants. Max 20 by prior arrangement.

  • 90 mins: Minimum of 2 / maximum of 40 by prior arrangement. 

  • Combat Archery requires you to bring at least 8 participants. We cap it to max of 22 in the arena at one time. We can manage many more people, but they will have to wait to play.

  • All our sessions are open to mixed groups, however if you would prefer a private session then get in touch.

What do I bring with me?

Lighter layers of clothing are preferential, and feet must be enclosed in appropriate woodland walking type of footwear. 

Please remove scarves (or tuck them in securely), tie long hair back and remove (or tape over) larger facial piercings.

For Axe Throwing, hoods can sometimes get in the way so we may ask you to tuck them in.

Midgie repellent and sun cream are recommended in warmer weather.  And always bring a shower proof jacket!

What safety equipment is provided?

For archery we provide an armguard, finger protectors, and a quiver. For Combat Archery we also provide full facial helmets (required) and optional chest protectors. 

Full Instruction is given before every session, and reminders of safety throughout by your instructor. 

This is a woodland though, and we cannot protect you from mother nature. So bring insect repellent, sunscreen and be prepared for slightly uneven paths.

What about bad weather?

Our sessions rely on good weather and we are quite lucky as the woods has it's own thing going. However on the rare occasion we cannot run a session due to : torrential rain, sleet, gale force winds, fog and thunder/lightening storms.  We will contact you as soon as possible using the mobile number you have given us. If we cannot find a mutually agreeable date to rebook then we will refund any money you have paid. 

Do you offer gift vouchers?

Yes. We certainly do!  The minimum age/numbers will still apply as will all other terms and conditions. Vouchers last for one year.

You will soon be able to purchase directly from our website, until then please just get in touch.

Vouchers can be either emailed direct to you to print out, collected from the wood by arrangement or posted direct to the recipient (£p&p extra).